Saraswati plywood industries offers its customers fine-quality natural veneers from high density farm timber. Each veneer is slices from the logs considering the tree’s reaction to the soil, geographical location and growth durability. We do not alter the intrinsic pattern and markings in the natural veneer, making each veneer a unique artwork by nature. 

We use High quality fortified resins for gluing purpose. You can use natural veneers on doors, partition and panelling, ceilings, floor underlayment, furniture in homes in homes and offices, milk booths, sign boards, storage racks, etc.

Natural veneers are widely used for interior décor as they provide your space a natural aura and an amazingly luxurious look. If you love nature and cherish the natural wood patterns, these veneers are the best product for your home or office. You can enjoy nature all around your space and provide a furnished look.

Our natural veneers are among the most loved product among artisans and architects. Saraswati plywood industries believe in maintaining the high quality of its products and reforestation practices, which makes us the top veneer suppliers in India. You can get natural veneers with varying thicknesses, patterns and shades as per your choice.

Uses of Natural Veneers

Natural veneers are thin slices of genuine wood used for decoration. They are made by slicing a wood into thin layers, which are then bonded together to form a veneer sheet. The following are some of the most typical applications for natural veneers:

Furniture Making
Natural veneers are frequently utilized in furniture manufacturing to give pieces a genuine wood finish. They can be applied to a substrate like plywood or MDF to create a long-lasting and appealing surface. Natural veneers are frequently utilized in the construction of high-end furniture to produce a rich appearance.

Architectural Applications
Natural veneers are frequently utilized in architecture for wall cladding, ceilings, and floors. They are excellent for generating a welcoming ambiance and may be used to generate a variety of design styles.

Interior Design
Natural veneers can be used in interior design as a decorative feature. They can be used to make custom cabinetry, wall panels, and room dividers. They are great for achieving a distinct and individualized appearance.

why choose saraswati plywoods for Natural veneers

Saraswati Plywoods is a prominent and well-established natural veneer manufacturer and supplier in India. We provide a diverse selection of natural veneer species, including teak, walnut, oak, and many others. wood natural veneers are eco-friendly and sustainable because we acquire wood raw materials from sustainable forests and utilize ecologically friendly manufacturing procedures.

Furthermore, our veneers are of the greatest quality, with each piece meticulously chosen and processed to achieve a consistent and attractive finish. We provide outstanding customer service and support, assisting customers in finding the ideal natural veneer for their project and giving expert installation and maintenance guidance.